Sunray Industries

Fish Chip Maker

This machine is having a rotery disc slicer. Slicer rotation could be changed from 100rpm to 400rpm.depends on moisture content of fish.Thick ness of slice could be varied from 0.8mm to 3mm.

Technical Specifications

Type Rotery
Power Motor-373w, comprssor motor -746w1500 va
Voltage 200V, AC 50Hz. (single phase)
Loading Manual 75mm X 75mm X 150mm max.
Flake Collection Open tray
Resilience time 12-15 cut/sec
Pressure 6Kg/
Cutter Motorized cutter/ high carbon steel knife
Cleaning High pressure air blast
Sequence By digital electro-pneumatic
Air 5 lpm
Operation Continious run
Sequence By digital electro-pneumatic
FRL (Filter+Regulator+Lubricator) In-built
Machine Self standing
Construction SS-304, Al.Die Cust, Nylon And others foodgrade material in food contact area
Dimention 1000mm X 600mm X 600mm (Appox)
Scope of supply a. Machine, b. 1hp compressor single stage. 3mts connection wire,5mts. PU Tube to connect Compressor.