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Consulting Services

We are machinery consultants on all types of machines and equipment. We work with the world's leading manufacturers to provide collaborative solutions to their business challenges with innovative automation ideas that help in improving the productivity, quality & delivery. Our primary focus of consulting services areas are:

  • Design and development of machines and equipment.
  • Upgrading existing machinery.
  • Expert Witness in legal cases.
  • Safety Training, Seminars, and Risk Assessment Training.

Customization Services

Our customers come to us with a number of custom machine-building needs. No matter the nature and scope of your project, we can handle any and all phases in which you need assistance. If your present machine is not capable enough to perform as per your expectation, we can help you with customizing the machine to perform better. We can build any additional machines on top your present machine to answer your business need. Our primary focus of customizing services areas are:

  • Customize your current machine to answer your business challenge
  • Upgrading existing machinery
  • Additional feature implementation

Integration Services

Integration refers to taking equipment from several different manufacturers and making work together to create the best solution possible for the individual customer. However, pulling together different manufacturers to put together a complete working system can be a daunting task for a manufacturer. Organizing multiple manufacturers to ensure each machine will work as expected, as well as with every other machine, is no easy feat. The integration services offered by Sunray Industries are meant to solve these issues and allow the packager to focus on his or her own product and production demands.

Our engineers and technicians understand machine tools, software and manufacturing systems from the inside out. We take full responsibility to coordinate all stages of the planning and implementation, including recommending equipment suppliers and managing their work to ensure your machine-tool integration project is implemented on time and at the lowest cost.